Those who are fond of nature will surely appreciate the beautiful Regional Natural PARK OF SAN ROSSORE at 5 km distance from town.

Furthermore, it’s worth seeing the BOTANICAL GARDEN, very close to the Miracles’ Place and the Knights Place, one of the most ancients of Europe. There are more interesting green areas, among them PIAZZA SANTA CATERINA, the VIALE DELLE PIAGGE and the GIARDINO SCOTTO (inside the Fortezza Nuova Medicea) for relaxing walks and with a well equipped playground for children of all ages.

At roughly 8 km one can find an oasis of relax at the SPA resort BAGNI DI PISA in SAN GIULIANO TERME, in a beautiful villa built in the 18th century by the Hapsburg-Lorraine Grand-Dukes of Tuscany who were using it for relaxing summer and winter stays.

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